Winter Preparations For Barn Owners

Hello RRC Members!

The purpose of this RRC Bulletin is to share important information regarding our limited power circuits during winter weather. Please review this information carefully, as it contains guidelines for using power at RRC for critical items such as water bucket heaters. We also want to share some practical tips for water storage and fire safety.

RRC provides water and electricity to the common grounds and to Members leasing barns. Our electrical circuits are limited, meaning the breakers may blow when they are overloaded. When multiple barns utilize too much power at one time, the breakers blow and thus require re-setting. If this occurs during hours when no one is at the Club, the power keeping critical items like heated water buckets will shut off, which means your horse’s water supply may freeze. We need all Members to be aware of this issue and prioritize electrical use during the winter months. Other than lights, the big priority needs to be keeping circuits available for heated water buckets or bucket heating devices.

Richland Riders Ground Rules notes the following regarding water and electricity (Section 17.3): The RRC provides water and electricity to members. During cold winter months, a boarder may use a tank heater and a heat tape. In the winter, the use of space heaters, heat lamps, or Christmas lights is prohibited because of fire hazard.

Other Important Details Regarding Power, Water and Fire Safety: