The Property

Locating Our Club
The following link is provided for getting directions to our club:

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Property Maps
The following maps of the Richland Riders Club property are made available for event organization and property management. They are regularly updated as new systems are surveyed and digitized, and currently available in the following formats:

  • RRC Base Map (PDF)
  • RRC Barn Numbering Layout (PDF)
  • RRC Electrical Schematic (PDF)
  • RRC Utility Map (PDF)
  • RRC Trailer Parking Map (PDF)
  • RRC Fuse Box Map (PDF)
  • RRC Water Shutoff Valves to Barns (PDF)

    Entrance Sign

    The Main Arena

    The East Arena looking north

    The East Arena looking south

    The East Barn Alley looking south

    The East Barn Alley looking north

    The North Roundpen

    The South Roundpen

    Typical Barn (Murphy shown)

    Van Giesen Roadside